making money online with affiliate marketing, easy ways to make money

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Making money online is one the most searching thing on the internet. Some of people have succeed in this and others are still finding it. Well, There are many ways to make money online on the internet and I also had discussed some of them here. Today I'm going to share another way of earning money online which is specially for Bloggers and Internet Marketers. It is making extra money web hosting affiliate programs which I'm going to share below.

How to Get 1GB Free 3G Data on Airtel, airtel online recharge

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Now you can get 1GB Free 3G Data on Airtel SIM. Airtel offering Free 1GB 3G Data to all Airtel customers as a promotional offer.
Just follow given instructions to get it. Its 100% free,we need data for surfing on internet. Check facebook status and use whatsapp and many more.Here Airtel is offering free 3G data for all Airtel users all over India.

top 5 twitter bootstrap alternatives,Foundation,pure,zimit,html kickstart,Ink

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We have heard a lot about Bootstrap. But simply, it is a front-end framework. The original s Twitter Bootstrap was the project of two Twitter employees, Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. Twitter Bootstrap is great, for developers as well as designers. However, when choosing a front-end framework, it comes down to what you need and want from it, and that is one of the big reasons why there are so many alternatives available to the Bootstrap. In this article
I will discuss a great alternatives to Bootstrap – hopefully some that may be new to you while others you may already be familiar with.

how to add a jQuery slider to your website, Install jQuery to webpage.

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jQuery, which is making our website more attractive and easy to handle. There are so many jQueries available in internet and some of the jQuery plug in for cost. To download free  jQuery plug-in vist site. Today i am going to tell about how to add a jQuery slider to your website. For example i am going to take some slider jQuery like jCarousel,Fotorama. In order to work with jQuery, you should be aware of the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Java Script code for validating user registration

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JavaScript is a programming language which is used to validate the form in html. It is used to create attractive web pages and web applications. JavaScript is different from java language. It can embedded directly in html. It is a object-oriented language. JavaScript is an interpreted language.Most of the browsers are supporting JavaScript. JavaScript does not have classes like other object oriented programming language. Interpreted means that scripts execute without preliminary compilation.

small business inventory system free download

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This is an offline windows based application. Small business inventory system, this is a software which is used to maintain stock details for any shop. And we build a billing application with that software it is used to make bill for your customers that billing will affect on the stock details so user can easily keep track on their own stock and sales per day, so many things are there. We are happy to provide this software for free. It is user friendly. stock control system for retail

Top five smart phone applications for save your money

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apps-that-make-you-moneyWe are living in a smart phone world. Most of the people are using smart phones, like android, apple and windows phones.  There are some smart phone applications which is used to save your money. This applications are available in different platforms like android,ios and windows  operating system.

    This is one of the famous application which is used to book bus tickets all over india. You can avail discount on booking bus tickets using coupon code and promo code. You can get the promo codes from website. Otherwise just register in this website they will provide different coupon codes for different seasons. If you book the bus tickets using redbus app first time they will give you 100 discount on bus tickets.
    There is no booking fees in this application. Yes  you can book the bus tickets with 0 booking fees.
2.Free Charge
          Free charge is a mobile application which is used to recharge your mobile phones and DTH.
There are so many coupon codes are there to save your money. You can get the coupon codes from below link.

          paytm is a mobile application which is provide recharge,pay bills,online shopping for men and women accessories. Using promo code you will get different discount offers on recharge and accessories like shoes,watches,dresses.
You can get the promo codes from given paytm blog.

4.India coupons
        This is a wonderful application which gives promo code and coupon codes for different applications and different shopping websites like
and more. So, you can check the offer codes using application no need to google it.

         yepme is a online shopping website for dresses,men and women accessories, footwear, men and women gadgets, watches in minimum price. You can order that through the application or else website.