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How to recover pen drive and hard drive affected by any virus?

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If your pen drive or any hard drive are affected by any viruses. Save the file by typing this command in command prompt.Don't worry about data loss.
attrib -s -h -r c:/*.* /s /d
here j or c is the disk name and we went that drive by typing C;(press enter)
attrib -s -h -r j:/*.* /s /d

  • After done this you will get all the data from your pen drive.
  • Copy and save the what are all the files do you want in some other drive.
  • Then Scan the pen drive with best anti-virus software
  • If you don't want any data then format it and again scan with anti-virus software

Whenever you insert your pen drive / portable drive into USB port on your system make sure to run a virus scan with your anti virus before opening your pen drive contents or portable drive contents  in windows explorer.

Inventory management system

Hi readers today I am going to share one wonderful software which was developed using VB.NET. Yeah it is an offline windows based application. Billing and stock maintenance system, this is the software which is used to maintain stock details for any shop. And we build a billing application with that software it is used to make bill for your customers that billing will affect on the stock details so user can easily keep track on their own stock and sales per day, so many things are there. We are happy to provide this software for free. It is user friendly too.
Software Name: Billing and Stock maintenance system.
Front End: VB.NET
Back End: Ms-Access.
Cost: Free.
This is appearance for this software which contains one menu ‘Open’. This you can find in the top left corner. 

That open menu contains two sub menus that are stock management and view sales report.
Stock management:                           
It is used to add stock details like, stock number, stock name, available stock and unit price.
We can add the stock details here; you can edit it and delete all the operation can perform in on this window.
After adding stock details click the home button it will re-direct to the Home window. There you can find the added stock details.

Another one sub menu is view sales report this is used to user can view the daily sales details. This application is used to make report every day about sales details. The report generated in pdf form so user can save that details for daily records and you can also take the print out of the sales report.

We did not provide any log in for this software. If you are interest to use this software for your own feel free to contact us. We will provide all the features for this software.

Download Now

After downloading the setup you can find two folders. Db folder, Setup folder before install this software please copy and paste the folder in your D: drive. Then install the setup. It will work perfectly.

For any doubts please give your comments or contact us.

Spywhoami free transparent subscription form

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Let see how to create  this,
  • Go to Blogger -> Layout -> Add a gadget- > Choose Html/Java script and click plus icon.
  • Now copy and paste the below code in that widget .
  • Replace “Spywhoami” with your feed-burner  name.
  • Replace the “Spywhoami” name in input type button with your feed-burner name

Spywhoami free subscription form for blog


Let see how to create  this,
  • Go to Blogger -> Layout -> Add a gadget- > Choose Html/Java script and click plus icon.
  • Now copy and paste the below code in that widget .
  • Replace “Spywhoami” with your feed-burner  name.

Free Simple bootstrap Responsive Template

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Basically this is our first website template. we have tried our best to make it more stylish and fast. We hope that you will like it and your website visitors will like it too if you will use this templates.The template is fast,professional and Seo friendly. If you are facing any problem in installing the templates in web hosting or any other free web hosting accounts  kindly drop a comment, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Template Name: Simple bootstrap  Responsive Template
Platform:  Cpanel/Web Hosting, Free webhosting.
Release date : 1st , March 2014
Author : www.spywhoami.com
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

 Features of Simple bootstrap Responsive  Template:
  • 100% Responsive simple bootstrap  Template: It works perfectly with all dimensions either it is High resolutions and low resolutions monitors such as iPad, iPhone, Android and etc.
  • You can try re-sizing your page and can see the magic of its responsiveness.
  • Automatic Slider :- Like Most of our other templates we also have added an automatic slider in simple responsive  template. it will automatically start showing your pictures or photos which you have uploaded in your website.
  • Css3 Slider: The template contains image slider  build with css3.
  • Fast Loading :- Simple bootstrap responsive template is highly optimized for fast loading, So that your visitor will not get any difficulties to visit your website.
  • User Friendly:- Simple bootstrap responsive template  is highly user friendly template. It gives good user experience and is also designed in a way that any one can customize it according to their needs.
  • You can use this template for simple personal website. Its totally free. No need to pay.
  • This contains four pages only HOME page, ABOUT page, SERVICE page, CONTACT page.
  • You can use this template for your own company and other thing.
  • This website will help new web designers for how to make a simple responsive website.
  • This template built by using twitter bootstrap.
  • Language: HTML5, CSS3,Jquery,Java Script
  • Easy to use and Easy to edit.

Are you really receiving cash for your online work from an indian village?

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Hi friends my name is kaviyarasu from dharapuram , tamilnadu state.Be true, i am a blogger failure and here i would like to share my first cash received for my online work.3 years ago i don’t have computer , i don’t know about blogging and of course i have no knowledge about programming languages.I usually browse net through mobile and goto netcafe when needed.One day in mobile net i searched “google online jobs”.One of the Search results showed   “google adsense” .Then little by little i  learned about what is  adsense? ,what is blog? and what is website?.Another thing i learned  that blogging is not just for money.
Some feared online earnings are scam
I have tried to share about blogging with my friends because they were good in programming languages.Some friends accepeted ,some friends feared it was scam .One of my computer graduate friend said " I accept all your points but how you receive  money for your online work ?".I can’t answer this question because i have not received any cash for online work.But i believed that i can get online earning as cash because trusted companies will not want to lose  its reputation for payments.He also asked another question that "how a person(or)  company can send money from foreign countries to your village?".Eventhough i said paypal and more alternatives are available ,he was not satisfied and told these will not work.
Earned online but not received monery
Now it’s a billion dollar question for me.Yes i have also some online earnings but not yet received as cash for the work because of threshold limit.In my initial days i blog through net cafe and also applied adsense.Days passed , lost hope and left blog .Oneday while browsing through internet i found my blog have ads!!! after 10 months.Yes i got adsense approval ,I told to my parents about my ads.Actually,they  don’t know about these things but they decided to buy a laptop for me.After getting laptop ,i am not able to reach threshold limit of adsense eventhough i have some earnings.

Finally Try Again concept worked  for me

End of 2013 and beginning of 2014, i have made  improvement to my blogs .One of my blog got approval  in post joint and  received 7$ for publishing an article to my blog and twitter.After 6 days i received amount in paypal, they charged a little  amount and put  $6.39 to my paypal account .After another six days  amount in paypal was auto withdrawn to my bank account in indian rupees .At that time i haven't checked my bank account statement.
Funny experience while taking cash in ATM
On the 7th day, I went to Hdfc ATM and  while checking mini statement i am excited to see 382 rupees  added to my account.  I decided to take 300 rupees and ATM machine now made a problem, the cash was stuck into it.Alas! my first online cash now stucked in ATM machine.I got nervous,now i sat down near ATM and little by little took the amount from ATM machine.After some struggle,i managed to get my first online cash with no damages.
I want to thank one of my friend japar sathik (admin of this blog)who encouraged me to do blogging,because i have some tough times which made me to leave blogging,but he helped him a lot to continue my blog.Another friend Mahendran who supported me in  initial days of blogging.Because without them , this post for online earning will not be published here. 
My experience  about internet:
  • Internet  is like mirror which reflects your thoughts from your mind or heart.Unwanted ads will come but if you focus on your topic, ads are not at all a problem.If you search you can do it ,it shows you can do it .If you search you can't do it ,it shows you can't do it.
  • Anybody have  searched about supernatural ? .If not then search now.Actually some supernatural powers are simple science only but we were not taught.There are lot of powers and i have chosen one and learning .And I can guarantee ,in future i will give a manual book, how to do it?  .
Basic things you need for your online work:
  • A computer or laptop.
  • Modem with(2g or 3g  internet packs).If you feel you can spend more money for net use broadband .
I got my adsense approval while using browsing centers.Mobile helped me a lot but it is not enough  for all works.So i kindly recommend you to have your own system.
Question received after first online earning
When shared my first online cash to  friends and others,some of them raised questions how much you got?How many days you have worked  to get this money? and more .Of course it is natural to ask these questions.I understand that i am blogging for money,beyond that i  love blogging .
My online works  
The below points are to encourage new bloggers, because when i am a beginner i don’t know about blog and don’t have skills about software languages.
  • Job career needs blog which was created for recent graduates. In future ,friends and I will make this blog to full non-profit site with more features.
  • Techinfoweb blog is about blog tips and more.
  • Published an article in wikihow which explains  how to add bootstrap navbar to blogger ? . Now this article viewed more than 500 times.
  • Created a video, how to add bootstrap navbar to blogger?
  • Created subscription boxes for blogger.


If anybody have doubts about receiving money for online work in india , show this post.
Think it,Love it,Create it,Share it

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